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Management Information Systems (M.I.S) in Mobile platforms
Based on a new paradigm: The route “C”, of the living systems
Inspired by the efficient informational processes of the biological systems.


In the Era of “Big Data”

More Data does not mean you will get more information;  even less, Knowledge.
Without a smart informational strategy, Big Data could be synonym of Infoxication
Umberto Eco says: “In short, there is no difference between ignorance and excess of information”

That is the reason why we suggest an informational strategy to raise  awareness and ,from that point, the beginning of a process of knowledge.

In the Era of portability

Access without time and space barriers.
Each user manages “When and Where” and the possibility of  asynchronous cooperation.

In the Era of Turbulence and recurring crisis

The framework of interconnections between systems dissolved our dreams of finding linear relations of cause-effect.
It is a complex world and due to the speed of communications, it turned into a turbulent world.
If we go deep into a no – budget era, the only thing left for us as a response is to open the Era of  Swift and Coordinated Decisions.


Improving  the working world diminishing the informational stress.
A better world for you and your organization.
Somehow or other  Stress is a bitter fruit of uncertainty.
Relief through  the command of  information flow.
Relief through the command of  the  relevance of  information received.

Efficiency: the information at the speed of its thought.
Effectiveness: generating time and network in the process of reflection, essential before making a smart decision.
Protection  from infoxication

Against informational fragmentation
Against “interruptus”analysis
Against multitasking
Against the anonymity of sources
Against loads of mails ; more communication, fewer mails.

The Trilemma of Carbon Route


A powerful and innovative MIS –Management Information System- ready for strategic information management in mobile platforms.

It is an application that provides ALL the strategic information of a company for the management team in a Network setting. The aim is to share information in real time, to guarantee a very clear perception of the competitive environment, to facilitate the immediate analysis and the fast and coordinated reaction of the whole organization.

See app

It is the predecessor of BRInt, developed for Roche Consumer Division, in 1999. It is an innovative informational architecture, surpassing the “mechanistic” concept of Balance Scorecard.

See app

The same conception of BRint designed for its Sales Force. Information devised to manage the geographical display of the company.


José María Sollima
  • Industrial Engineer (UBA)
  • MBA In Strategic Management (UB)
  • Post-Graduate course “The Organization in the Internet Era”
  • International Marketing Programme  (Ashridge – Londres)
  • Neuromarketing (Univ. Favaloro)
  • PMD – ESADE (Barcelona, Buenos Aires)
  • Painting, Graphic Design, Photography
  • Workshops by Hermenegildo Sabat, Graciela Ieger, Néstor Errecart.
  • “New York al Natural” First Exhibition in 2009 Centro Cultural Borges (Buenos Aires)
  • Roche Consumer Health : Business  Development Manager
  • Parke Davis : Business Planning Manager
  • G&M (Parke Davis, Bristol MS, Elea) : Market Research Manager
  • Argentia : Marketing Information Manager & Production Planning Manager
  • Founder & CEO
  • M2 marketimetrics (Buenos Aires)
Sergio Rosemblat

1994 Periscopio-Roche

1994 Postgraduate course “THe Organization in the Internet Era”

1995 Intranet RRHH Roche

1996 Intranet OSDE

1997 Intranet DUPONT

2009 They set up CarbonRoute

2012 Startup apps carbonRoute

2013-2017 OIA

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